The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation is home to many scholarships, leadership funds, and educational housing funds that benefit our individual chapters. We also award a number of regional and nationally-competitive scholarships. Our goal is to someday have a scholarship and chapter leadership fund established for each chapter.


Hey, where's my chapter?

Approximately 1/3 of Alpha Delta Pi chapters do not have a chapter-specific scholarship, leadership fund, or educational housing fund established through the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. If you do not see your chapter listed and want to make an impact on Day of Giving, we encourage you to consider a gift to:

  • Our area of greatest need (the Annual Fund), which provides resources wherever they are most needed to all chapters, including to support ongoing programs to combat sexual assault and hazing, provide training and speakers at leadership conferences, provide opportunities for mental wellness programs, and enhance programs like the Delta Member Experience.

  • Leadership education and history programs that benefit all chapters.

  • Emergency grants for collegians and alumnae who find themselves in financial distress.

  • Or the RMHC Endowment Fund so that we may expand our reach as an organization to Ronald McDonald House locations throughout the world, even if they do not have a local ADPi chapter or alumnae association to support them.

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, leadership fund, or educational housing fund, please contact us at

National & Regional Scholarships Alpha Beta—University of Iowa Alpha Chi—UCLA Alpha Eta—Kansas State University Alpha Gamma—Mizzou Alpha Iota—University of Pittsburgh Alpha Kappa—Tennessee, Knoxville Alpha Omicron—Oklahoma State University Alpha Pi—George Washington University Alpha Psi—University of Southern California Alpha Theta—University of Washington Beta Alpha—Indiana University Beta Epsilon—University of South Carolina Beta Eta—University of Michigan Beta Kappa—University of British Columbia Beta Nu—University of Georgia Beta Omega—Auburn University Beta Psi—University of Kentucky Beta Sigma—Mercer University Beta Tau—University of Akron Beta Upsilon—UNC, Chapel Hill Chi—Wittenberg University Delta—University of Texas, Austin Delta Alpha—Emory University Delta Beta—Lamar University Delta Delta—University of Arkansas Delta Gamma—University of Arizona Delta Kappa—Penn State University Delta Mu—Sam Houston State University Delta Nu—Southeast Missouri State University Delta Phi—UMKC Delta Pi—Ripon College Delta Rho—Gettysburg College Delta Sigma—Ole Miss Delta Theta—Valdosta State University Epsilon—Tulane University Epsilon Delta—Western Kentucky University Epsilon Epsilon—Texas Tech University Epsilon Eta—Mississippi State University Epsilon Kappa—Troy University Epsilon Lambda—University of South Florida Epsilon Nu—Ashland University Epsilon Omega—Jacksonville University Epsilon Omicron—Murray State University Epsilon Pi—Georgia Southern University Epsilon Phi—Eastern Kentucky University Epsilon Psi—Tennessee Tech Epsilon Rho—UNLV Epsilon Tau—Middle Tennessee State Epsilon Xi—Northern Arizona University Epsilon Zeta—Texas State University Eta—University of Alabama Eta Alpha—UNC, Wilmington Eta Epsilon—Miami University (Ohio) Eta Gamma—Austin Peay State University Eta Lambda—Albright College Eta Omega—Centre College Eta Nu—St. Louis University Eta Phi—Furman University Eta Pi—Virginia Tech Eta Upsilon—Wake Forest University Eta Xi—Presbyterian College Eta Zeta—University of Southern Mississippi Gamma Chi—Texas Christian University Gamma Delta—University of Miami Gamma Eta—University of Memphis Gamma Iota—University of Florida Gamma Kappa—West Virginia Wesleyan Gamma Lambda—University of Rhode Island Gamma Mu—Missouri State University Gamma Tau—University of Vermont Gamma Upsilon—University of North Texas Gamma Xi—UC Santa Barbara Iota—Florida State University Iota Alpha—UT, San Antonio Kappa—Samford University Lambda—Brenau University Omega—Louisiana State University Omicron—Duke University Phi—Hanover College Pi—Iowa State University Psi—University of California, Berkeley Rho—Boston University Sigma—University of Illinois Tau—University of Kansas Theta Alpha—Northwest Missouri State University Theta Beta—Coastal Carolina University Theta Delta—University of Delaware Theta Gamma—Sonoma State University Theta Kappa—Florida Atlantic University Theta Lambda—Franklin & Marshall College Theta Mu—Loyola University Chicago Theta Nu—Christopher Newport University Theta Omicron—James Madison University Theta Pi—Santa Clara Panhellenic Theta Psi—Rollins College Theta Theta—Quinnipiac University Theta Upsilon—Shorter University Theta Zeta—Washington & Lee University Upsilon—Washington State University Xi—Ohio University Zeta—Southwestern University Zeta Alpha—Cal State, Fullerton Zeta Beta—North Carolina State University Zeta Chi—Baylor University Zeta Delta—University of Montevallo Zeta Eta—University of North Alabama Zeta Gamma—UNC, Charlotte Zeta Iota—Georgia College Zeta Lambda—Texas A&M University Zeta Mu—Appalachian State University Zeta Nu—Clemson University Zeta Omega—University of Central Florida Zeta Omicron—Georgia Tech Zeta Pi—University of San Diego Zeta Psi—UNC, Greensboro Zeta Rho—Vanderbilt University Zeta Sigma—College of Charleston Zeta Tau—Winthrop University Zeta Upsilon—Oakland University Zeta Zeta—Augusta University
Rise and Shine (Bright Like a Diamond)
Start your day with a doubled donation! Dawn Victor-Herring, Zeta Eta, will match gifts of $50-$100 to any fund up to a total of $500.
$100 Bonus Round
Let's bring this Day of Giving Home! Gifts of $100 or more to any fund will be matched up to $2,000!
$2,000 MATCHED
Epsilon Tau Leadership Match
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Epsilon Tau Chapter, Pam Zimmerman, Epsilon Tau, will match 10 gifts of $50 up to $500 for the Epsilon Tau Chapter Leadership Fund starting at 2:30pm EDT!
Sophronia's Scholarship Showdown
From 6-7pm EDT, the scholarship fund that raises the most money in this hour will receive a bonus $1,000 towards their scholarship fund thanks to Fran Steward Bryan, Beta Beta.
Rank Prize Fund Designation Raised
1 $1,000 Iota Alpha Chapter Scholarship $750.00
2 Erskine-Marshall Scholarship $525.10
3 Helen Burkhart Prehn Scholarship $500.00
4 Mary Fox Seals Scholarship $500.00
5 Pat Johnson Evans Scholarship $395.20
6 Sarah Phenix Brewer and Corey Burke Memorial Scholarship $375.00
7 Dodee West Monaco Scholarship $300.00
8 Epsilon Kappa Chapter Scholarship $290.00
9 Kaliegh Ottis Memorial Scholarship $201.00
10 Dawn Victor-Herring Scholarship $200.00
11 Eileen Stinnett Riddle Scholarship for Chi Chapter $150.00
12 Xi Chapter Scholarship $100.00
13 Eta Omega Chapter Scholarship $100.00
14 Kathie Day Scholarship (Zeta Omicron Chapter Scholarship) $100.00
15 Theta Mu Chapter Scholarship $68.51
16 Alpha Kappa Chapter Scholarship $50.00
17 Beta Epsilon Chapter Scholarship $50.00
18 Elsie Heilman Consilio Memorial Scholarship $50.00
19 Ted & Sheila Kane Higgins Scholarship $50.00
20 Helen Burkhart Prehn Scholarship $50.00
21 James H. Hain Scholarship $25.00
22 Zeta Gamma Memorial Scholarship $25.00
23 Ethel Percy Masters' West Virginia Scholarship $25.00
24 Anne Veale Pogson Scholarship $25.00
25 Eta Zeta Chapter Scholarship $20.00
26 Theta Omicron Chapter Scholarship $15.00
27 Catherine Davis Stanley Scholarship $0.00
28 Margaret Bauer Lampton Scholarship $0.00
29 Frances Poulson Hall Memorial Scholarship $0.00
30 Kappa Chapter 75th Anniversary Scholarship $0.00
31 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
32 Pi Chapter Anniversary Educational Achievement Scholarship $0.00
33 Rho Chapter Scholarship $0.00
34 Sigma Chapter Scholarship $0.00
35 Phi Chapter Scholarship $0.00
36 Psi Chapter Scholarship $0.00
37 Alpha Beta Anniversary Scholarship $0.00
38 Alpha Eta Chapter Anniversary Scholarship $0.00
39 Alpha Theta Anniversary Scholarship $0.00
40 Alpha Iota Anniversary Scholarship $0.00
41 Helen Stoutamyer Lowrey Scholarship $0.00
42 Mary Bull Mason Memorial Scholarship $0.00
43 Deena Bartolo Scholarship $0.00
44 Beta Eta House Corporation Continuing Education Scholarship $0.00
45 Beta Sigma Chapter Scholarship $0.00
46 Joanna Kristine Howell Scholarship $0.00
47 Beth Fraley Memorial Scholarship $0.00
48 Gamma Delta Chapter Scholarship $0.00
49 Memphis Area Alumnae Association Scholarship $0.00
50 Gamma Mu Chapter Scholarship $0.00
51 Gamma Tau Chapter Scholarship $0.00
52 Gamma Upsilon Chapter Scholarship $0.00
53 Delta Gamma Chapter Scholarship $0.00
54 Delta Theta Chapter Scholarship $0.00
55 Delta Kappa Chapter Scholarship $0.00
56 Delta Mu Chapter Scholarship $0.00
57 Delta Nu Chapter Scholarship $0.00
58 Delta Pi Chapter Scholarship $0.00
59 Missouri State Scholarship $0.00
60 Epsilon Epsilon Chapter Scholarship $0.00
61 Epsilon Lambda Chapter Scholarship $0.00
62 Melissa Case Dupee Scholarship $0.00
63 Epsilon Omicron Chapter Scholarship $0.00
64 Zeta Alpha Chapter Scholarship $0.00
65 Zeta Delta Chapter Scholarship $0.00
66 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
67 Zeta Iota Chapter Scholarship $0.00
68 Darcy & Darren Scrimpshire Scholarship $0.00
69 Zeta Mu Chapter Scholarship $0.00
70 Zeta Nu Chapter Scholarship $0.00
71 Zeta Pi Chapter Scholarship $0.00
72 Zeta Rho Chapter Scholarship $0.00
73 Zeta Sigma Chapter Scholarship $0.00
74 Zeta Tau Memorial Scholarship $0.00
75 Zeta Upsilon Chapter Scholarship $0.00
76 Heather Anne Conti Westphal Memorial Scholarship $0.00
77 Eta Alpha Chapter Scholarship $0.00
78 Eta Gamma Chapter Scholarship $0.00
79 Eta Epsilon Chapter Scholarship $0.00
80 Eta Lambda Chapter Scholarship $0.00
81 Eta Nu Chapter Scholarship $0.00
82 James H. Hain Scholarship $0.00
83 Erin Levitas Memorial Scholarship $0.00
84 Eta Phi Chapter Scholarship $0.00
85 Missouri State Scholarship $0.00
86 Theta Gamma Chapter Scholarship $0.00
87 Theta Delta Chapter Scholarship $0.00
88 Theta Zeta Chapter Scholarship $0.00
89 Theta Kappa Chapter Scholarship $0.00
90 Elana P. Stein Memorial Scholarship $0.00
91 Patty Purish O’Neill Scholarship $0.00
92 Theta Pi House Corporation Scholarship $0.00
93 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
94 Frances Johnson Murrah Scholarship $0.00
95 Amanda Beth Castellone Scholarship for Music Performance $0.00
96 Epsilon Phi Chapter Scholarship $0.00
97 Angela J. Knight Memorial Scholarship $0.00
98 Betty Cook Karrh, Kathy Karrh Cashin, Katy E. Cashin Scholarship $0.00
99 Lucy Candler Leide Scholarship $0.00
100 Frances Johnson Murrah Scholarship $0.00
101 Omicron Chapter Scholarship $0.00
102 Leslie Friend Dalton Scholarship $0.00
103 Marjorie M. and Rolf Lauritz Steberg Scholarship $0.00
104 Jeanette Virginia Barrows Scholarship $0.00
105 Alpha Omicron 75th Anniversary Scholarship $0.00
106 Teymourian Family Scholarship $0.00
107 Heather R. Kornick Scholarship $0.00
108 Clara Duncan Smith Memorial Scholarship $0.00
109 Marjorie M. and Rolf Lauritz Steberg Scholarship $0.00
110 Catherine Davis Stanley Scholarship $0.00
111 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
112 Sharon Southerland Long Scholarship $0.00
113 Dr. Lucile McGehee Haynes Memorial Scholarship $0.00
114 Myrtle McLemore Anderson Scholarship $0.00
115 Missouri State Scholarship $0.00
116 Jill Trousdale-Barr Scholarship $0.00
117 Gamma Chi Chapter Scholarship $0.00
118 Delta Alpha Chapter Scholarship $0.00
119 Karle Friar Smith Scholarship $0.00
120 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
121 Missouri State Scholarship $0.00
122 Epsilon Nu Chapter Scholarship $0.00
123 Epsilon Pi Chapter Scholarship $0.00
124 Epsilon Tau Chapter Scholarship $0.00
125 Dan and Sarah Davis-Candeto Scholarship $0.00
126 Zeta Lambda Chapter Scholarship $0.00
127 Diana Davidson and Katie Cone Davidson Scholarship $0.00
128 Zeta Chi - Emily Erkel Honorary Scholarship $0.00
129 Zeta Omega House Corporation Scholarship $0.00
130 Missouri State Scholarship $0.00
131 Eta Xi Chapter Scholarship $0.00
132 Theta Beta Chapter Scholarship $0.00
133 Betty L. Miller Scholarship for Math, Math Education, and Chemical Engineer $0.00
134 Betty Cook Karrh, Kathy Karrh Cashin, Katy E. Cashin Scholarship $0.00
135 Iota Chapter Scholarship $0.00
136 Lucy Candler Leide Scholarship $0.00
137 Suzanne Bowmall Spear Scholarship $0.00
138 Missouri State Scholarship $0.00
139 Marjorie M. and Rolf Lauritz Steberg Scholarship $0.00
140 Carlotta Dodge Business Scholarship $0.00
141 Helen Grove Snellenburg Memorial Scholarship $0.00
142 Karen Glorio Luther Scholarship $0.00
143 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
144 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
145 Dr. Lynda Waller Scholarship $0.00
146 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
147 Diana Davidson and Katie Cone Davidson Scholarship $0.00
148 Frances Johnson Murrah Scholarship $0.00
149 Global Education Fund for Global Studies Education $0.00
150 Dorothy Sullivan Jevne Scholarship $0.00
151 Bettie McHaney Talbert – Caralee Strock Stanard Outstanding New Member Scho $0.00
152 Betty Hitchman Hurley Memorial Scholarship $0.00
153 Edith Seitz Owings Memorial Scholarship $0.00
154 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
155 Dr. Lynda Waller Scholarship $0.00
156 Joan Reisch Boddie Scholarship for Studies in STEM $0.00
157 Nanellen Lane Scholarship $0.00
158 Donna Rae Pollen DeSando Scholarship $0.00
159 Lucy Candler Leide Scholarship $0.00
160 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
161 Maxine U. Blake Journalism Award $0.00
162 Dorothy Sullivan Jevne Scholarship Fund $0.00
163 Dr. Lynda Waller Scholarship $0.00
164 Renee Bailey Iacona Scholarship for Science, Math, or Technology Majors $0.00
165 Peggy Woods Vaughn Scholarship $0.00
166 Deen Day Sanders Scholarship $0.00
167 Hoyt-Jolley Foundation Scholarship $0.00
168 Missouri State Scholarship $0.00
169 North Carolina Lion's Share Scholarship $0.00
170 General Scholarship Fund $0.00
171 150th Anniversary Scholarship $0.00
172 Berit Henriksen Carter Scholarship $0.00
173 Betty Clapsaddle Riley Scholarship for Graduate or Continuing Education $0.00
174 Caralee Strock Stanard Scholarship $0.00
175 Gift Mart Scholarship $0.00
176 Gus and Ernestine Medley Memorial Scholarship $0.00
177 Kathryn M. Strong Graduate Fellowship $0.00
178 Linda Yarnell O’Brian Scholarship $0.00
179 Lucille Barksdale and Darwin S. Renner Memorial Scholarship $0.00
180 Marilyn Mayer Long Chapter Officer Scholarship $0.00
181 Mary Currier Allen Scholarship $0.00
182 Mary Kelly Shearer Scholarship $0.00
183 Mary Lane Cady Scholarship $0.00
184 Ruth Pretty Palmer Scholarship $0.00
185 Stephanie Bauer Daniel Scholarship for Leadership Consultants $0.00
186 Terry Medley Curtis Scholarship $0.00
187 Virginia Rosenberg Stafford Scholarship $0.00
Elizabeth's Leadership Leaderboard
From 9-10pm EDT, the leadership fund that raises the most money in this hour will receive a bonus $1,000 towards their fund thanks to Sarah Dibrell Gallaher, Gamma Chi.
Rank Prize Fund Designation Raised
1 $1,000 Zeta Chi Chapter Leadership Fund $600.00
2 Ann Young Leadership Fund $550.00
3 Gladys S. Stewart Chapter Leadership Fund $200.00
4 Delta Rho Chapter Leadership Fund $185.10
5 Epsilon Tau Chapter Leadership Fund $150.00
6 Epsilon Rho Chapter Leadership Fund $100.00
7 Delta Beta Chapter Leadership Fund $100.00
8 Charlotte Wilson Mann Chapter Leadership Fund $50.00
9 Laura Hesse Wright Leadership Fund $35.10
10 Roderick and Rosalyn Doze Williams Leadership Endowment $25.00
11 Eta Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
12 Iota Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
13 Omicron Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
14 Alpha Gamma Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
15 Beta Alpha Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
16 Roderick and Rosalyn Doze Williams Leadership Endowment $0.00
17 Beta Nu Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
18 Jeannine Brown LeBeau Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
19 Delta Alpha Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
20 Charlotte Wilson Mann Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
21 Dennis-Sparks Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
22 Epsilon Pi Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
23 Epsilon Psi Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
24 Zeta Eta Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
25 Tracy L. Garner Leadership Fund for Zeta Omicron $0.00
26 Theta Beta Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
27 Theta Omicron Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
28 Eta Xi Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
29 Alpha Chi Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
30 Zeta Iota Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
31 Jessica White Tom Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
32 Maureen Calloway Carnevale Leadership Grant $0.00
33 Jan Alexander Maisch Leadership Fund $0.00
34 Beth Waters Black Leadership Fund $0.00
35 Grand Council Leadership Fund $0.00
36 Southern California Lion’s Share Fund $0.00
Epsilon Delta Scholarship Match
Double your support for the Erskine-Marshall Scholarship for Epsilon Delta Chapter! All gifts to the scholarship will be matched up to $1,000 thanks to a generous gift from Sara Smith Bowman, Epsilon Delta.
$1,000 MATCHED
Going Global: Global Education Fund Match
Double your impact in support of global education and leadership training! Gifts to the Global Education Fund will be matched up to $2,500 thanks to a generous gift from Renee Bailey Iacona, Delta Upsilon.
$2,500 MATCHED
Theta Pi House Corporation Scholarship Challenge
Double your support for the Theta Pi House Corporation Scholarship! All gifts to the scholarship will be matched up to $1,000 thanks to a generous gift from Bonnie Yamaoka, Alpha Psi.
Beta Omega Scholarship Match
Gifts to the Pat Johnson Evans Scholarship will be matched up to $5,000 all day long!
$2,470 MATCHED
Beta Omega Leadership Match
Gifts to the Gladys S. Stewart Chapter Leadership Fund for Beta Omega will be matched up to $2,200 thanks to a generous gift from the Beta Omega Chapter.
$1,715 MATCHED
Gamma Mu Scholarship Match
Gifts to the Gamma Mu Chapter Scholarship for Missouri State University will be matched 1:1 up to $2,000 thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor.
Kaliegh's Dream Foundation Match
Gifts to the Kaliegh Ottis Memorial Scholarship for Zeta Omega—University of Central Florida will be matched 1:1 throughout the day up to $2,500. Thank you to Kaliegh's Dream Foundation and her loving family for this generous inspiration.
$1,490 MATCHED
Epsilon Lambda Scholarship Match
Gifts to the Epsilon Lambda Chapter Scholarship will be matched 2:1 up to $8,000 thanks to a generous gift from the Epsilon Lambda Chapter at the University of South Florida!
$4,000 / $4,000 Raised
Epsilon Lambda Scholarship Challenge
Every 10 gifts over $25 to the Epsilon Lambda Chapter Scholarship unlocks $1,000 for the scholarship, up to $6,000, thanks to a generous gift from the Epsilon Lambda Chapter at the University of South Florida!
14 / 14 Gifts
Phi Chapter Scholarship Challenge
The first 20 gifts of at least $20 to the Phi Chapter Scholarship will unlock $2,000 thanks to a generous gift from the Phi Chapter at Hanover College.
12 / 12 Gifts
Mary's Milestone Mission
For every $100,000 in gifts on Day of Giving, a bonus Day of Giving gift of $5,000 will be unlocked, up to $20,000 thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor!
$350,000 / $350,000 Raised
Theta Mu Scholarship Challenge
Hey Ramblers! If the Theta Mu Chapter Scholarship receives 20 gifts of $20 or more, you'll unlock a bonus $2,000 for the scholarship!
20 / 20 Gifts
Theta Mu Scholarship Match
Gifts to the Theta Mu Chapter Scholarship will be matched 2:1 up to $5,000!
$1,500 / $1,500 Raised
Ella's Gift Challenge
Participation is the name of the game! The first 1,000 gifts will unlock a bonus Day of Giving gift of $1,000. Thanks to Tom and Jan Hancock Wooldridge, Alpha Zeta, for this generous inspiration!
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
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