Leadership & History



The Barbara Kinter Kunkel History Education Fund provides support for the widespread dissemination of educational materials and documents for the purposes of history education.


The Gail Hitchcock Endowment for the Digital Archives provides support for the preservation of materials and documents unique to Alpha Delta Pi’s history.




The Adelphean Compass leadership program is one of Alpha Delta Pi’s signature leadership programs designed specifically for women and emphasizes a focus on Leading with Self, Vision, Action, and Relationships. This program is supported by the Annual Fund.


Adelphean Connections is our program for emerging leaders. Incorporating best practices from its predecessor IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi, Adelphean Connections will utilize the StrengthsQuest leadership inventory and the Social Change Model of Leadership Development to provide members with an opportunity for individual, chapter, and community growth. This program is supported by the Annual Fund.


Our Leadership Consultants travel around the U.S. and Canada each year to offer training for collegiate chapter members, advisors, house corporations and local alumnae in the areas of education, leadership development, scholarship, and philanthropy. The Leadership Consultant Endowment ensures this very important program continues to thrive and our sisters continue to uphold the highest ideals and standards for our sisterhood.


Values based organizations, such as Alpha Delta Pi, can greatly benefit from research-based curriculum focusing on issues relevant to our members and the implementation of special programs. With your support, we can continue to create experiences that make the member experience even better. The aim of Social Issues Fund is to support programming that improves the safety and well-being of our members while developing their skills to navigate a global world. Areas of focus include sexual assault prevention, mental health, inclusion, hazing prevention and intervention, as well as alcohol and other drug abuse prevention.


Each summer, a group of undergraduate members arrive at Executive Office to spend six weeks fully immersed in our sisterhood, gaining experience in everything from event planning, social media, to how a non-profit works. The Nationwide Intern Endowment covers educational expenses and training related to this extremely worthwhile program.


The Sally Beggs Thomas Intern Education Fund was established in 2017 in celebration of the retirement of Sally Beggs Thomas, Beta Sigma—Mercer University, who spent more than two decades as a volunteer and staff member for Alpha Delta Pi. This fund will provide the opportunity for Executive Office interns to learn firsthand about the history of Alpha Delta Pi through their travel to Macon, Georgia and other historic monuments important to our place in history.


The Mary Esther Hedley Van Akin Leadership Development Fund was established in 1989 to support leadership training and educational programming for collegiate chapters, members, and advisors. It is named in memory of Mary Esther Hedley Van Akin, Alpha Mu—University of Wisconsin, who served Alpha Delta Pi as a national officer for nearly four decades.


The Maureen Calloway Carnevale Leadership Grant was established by Maureen Calloway Carnevale, Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University, to provide funding for an undergraduate member of Alpha Delta Pi to participate in the Fraternal Government Relations Coalition (FGRC) Capitol Hill visits in Washington, DC.


The Jan Alexander Maisch Leadership Fund was established by Jan Alexander Maisch, Epsilon Omega—Jacksonville University, to provide funding for an undergraduate member of Alpha Delta Pi to attend an Alpha Delta Pi leadership program.


The Ann Young Leadership Fund was established by Ann White Young, Tau—University of Kansas, and alumnae volunteers to provide funding for an undergraduate member of Alpha Delta Pi from the Central District to attend an Alpha Delta Pi leadership program.


The Beth Waters Black Leadership Fund was established by Beth Waters Black, Epsilon Epsilon—Texas Tech University and Delta Beta—Lamar University, to provide funding for an undergraduate member of Alpha Delta Pi to attend an Alpha Delta Pi leadership program.


The Grand Council Leadership Fund was established by the Grand Council of Alpha Delta Pi to provide funding for an undergraduate member of Alpha Delta Pi to attend an Alpha Delta Pi leadership program.


The Southern California Lion’s Share Fund was established by The Lion’s Share Fund of Southern California to provide leadership and educational training for members of Alpha Delta Pi’s collegiate chapters in southern California in the areas of ethics, leadership, and other charitable and educational programming.

Ann Young Leadership Fund Match
Gifts to the Ann Young Leadership Fund to benefit chapters in the Central District will be matched up to $4,000 thanks to Ann White Young, Tau!
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Rise and Shine (Bright Like a Diamond)
Start your day with a doubled donation! Dawn Victor-Herring, Zeta Eta, will match gifts of $50-$100 to any fund up to a total of $500.
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Elizabeth's Leadership Leaderboard
From 9-10pm EDT, the leadership fund that raises the most money in this hour will receive a bonus $1,000 towards their fund thanks to Sarah Dibrell Gallaher, Gamma Chi.
Rank Prize Fund Designation Raised
1 $1,000 Zeta Chi Chapter Leadership Fund $600.00
2 Ann Young Leadership Fund $550.00
3 Gladys S. Stewart Chapter Leadership Fund $200.00
4 Delta Rho Chapter Leadership Fund $185.10
5 Epsilon Tau Chapter Leadership Fund $150.00
6 Epsilon Rho Chapter Leadership Fund $100.00
7 Delta Beta Chapter Leadership Fund $100.00
8 Charlotte Wilson Mann Chapter Leadership Fund $50.00
9 Laura Hesse Wright Leadership Fund $35.10
10 Roderick and Rosalyn Doze Williams Leadership Endowment $25.00
11 Eta Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
12 Iota Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
13 Omicron Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
14 Alpha Gamma Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
15 Beta Alpha Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
16 Roderick and Rosalyn Doze Williams Leadership Endowment $0.00
17 Beta Nu Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
18 Jeannine Brown LeBeau Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
19 Delta Alpha Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
20 Charlotte Wilson Mann Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
21 Dennis-Sparks Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
22 Epsilon Pi Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
23 Epsilon Psi Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
24 Zeta Eta Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
25 Tracy L. Garner Leadership Fund for Zeta Omicron $0.00
26 Theta Beta Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
27 Theta Omicron Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
28 Eta Xi Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
29 Alpha Chi Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
30 Zeta Iota Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
31 Jessica White Tom Chapter Leadership Fund $0.00
32 Maureen Calloway Carnevale Leadership Grant $0.00
33 Jan Alexander Maisch Leadership Fund $0.00
34 Beth Waters Black Leadership Fund $0.00
35 Grand Council Leadership Fund $0.00
36 Southern California Lion’s Share Fund $0.00
Sally Thomas Intern Sprint
Gifts to the Sally Beggs Thomas Intern Education Fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 thanks to a generous gift from Anne Veale Pogson, Alpha Zeta, and Pam Zimmerman, Epsilon Tau!
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Mary's Milestone Mission
For every $100,000 in gifts on Day of Giving, a bonus Day of Giving gift of $5,000 will be unlocked, up to $20,000 thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor!
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Ella's Gift Challenge
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